sasha is proud to be endorsed by:

d’angelico guitars
[he plays the EX-SS solid body electric and the Bowery acoustic electric]

roberts usa guitars
[since meeting his custom s-type in october 2016, he rarely puts this guitar down]

empress effects
[he has used the super delay for 8 years and he can be heard using it on many records with both heather christian and sister sparrow & the dirty birds]

[all his guitars are strung with various d’addario string sets]

DNA guitar company
[he tours with the indestructible hydra triple guitar stand as well as several of their Gigstand ICE portable stands]

he also proudly uses effects from such makers as:

JHS Pedals
[the prestige is a bread-and-butter part of his sound]

Analogman Effects
[he has been a king of tone user since 2010, and most recently the astro fuzz is a staple. brown has also designed a number of custom signal routing boxes that have been built Analogman Effects]

zvex effects
[he has used the box of rock on many recordings and shows, as well as the nano head, the wolly mammoth, and the lo-fi instant junky]

he also he highly recommends visiting 30th Street Guitars in New York. he is forever in debt to Matt Brewster & Co for always miraculously fixing everything he destroys/melts/snaps off while on the road.